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Ocean Logistics

We offer import & export container transport worldwide via ports of Varna, Burgas, Constanta and Thessaloniki and more.

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Transportation Service

We are amongst market leaders in combined railway-sea (ferry) freight on ferry lines Varna-Ilyichevsk (Ukraine)- Poti (Batumi) and more

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Air Freight

AIR FORWARD is a category of products that predominately use an air mode and offers a choice in delivery speeds to best suit customer requirements.

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Easily track your packages or shipment with our tracking service. Contract logistics partner for businesses across all key markets.

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We believe satisfied clients are our most important capital. That is why we are constantly working on improving and upgrading our services in pursuit of excellence.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

While there are several factors involved, The primary is market demand. Traditionally from Dec through April for imports, especially from Asia to the U.S., it is called the “slow season.” Because the retail market slows down after Christmas.

Cash against goods

Like most shipments, this type of payment is governed by a bill of exchange. A bill of exchange is a non-interest-bearing written order used primarily in international trade that binds one party to pay a fixed sum of money to another party at a predetermined
future date.

In simple terms – it’s a check that describes a transaction and what’s to be paid.

Now, what happens in a cash against goods (CAG) import is that the exporter relinquishes all control over the goods when they’re shipped. In order to protect the exporter, the importer’s bank will guarantee the shipment by agreeing to pay for the goods outlined by the bill of exchange. Essentially, the importer’s bank becomes liable to the exporter upon receipt of the goods.

Cash against documents

Like the previous method, this one hinges on the bill of exchange. This is a very common importing payment method, and in many ways, is virtually identical to the CAG.

In this freight payment method, the exporter gives the importer’s bank control. The bank is allowed to release the shipment and associated documents only upon their receipt of payment from the importer. So basically, you ship a load of widgets to a company overseas. That company pays their bank, and their bank pays you. Only then do they get to take possession of their container(s).

Cash in advance

This is probably the simplest form of transaction – as you might expect. Basically, the importer pre-pays for their shipment. It’s as simple as that. Of course, this type of payment arrangement is very much based on your relationship with the person on the other side of the international border.

Letters of credit

Letters of credit are very common. They work very much like a credit card. For example, somebody overseas orders three container loads of widgets from you. This importer gets a letter of credit from their bank and then sends it to your bank. You then ship the goods. When the importer receives them, your bank pays you.

Of course, letters of credit (L/C) aren’t quite that simple. They must contain certain items and documents, such as:

  • Product numbers
  • Shipping terms
  • All transaction information
  • Quality control methods

They depend upon the bill of lading

Yes, We handle all types of transfers.

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